Coco & Chip enables cookie lovers to bake artisanal, bakery-style, cookies right at home! We are the new standard of take-n-bake cookie dough.

Founded in 2018, Coco & Chip was born out of passion and hobby- more of an obsession- to create the perfect cookie. For years Erik Fraser found himself eating cookies that left him unsatisfied. Some were too soft, others too hard, some flavorless or too dry. Often these store bought refrigerated cookie dough’s were packed with preservatives and ingredients most people would have a hard time pronouncing.

Fed up with the disappointment that followed consuming mediocre cookies, Fraser set out on a journey to create a recipe for the truly perfect cookie. This allowed him to discover a passion for baking, and after ten years of research, development, and recipe refinement, Fraser succeeded in creating the perfect cookie.

  • Crisp exterior
  • Soft ooey-gooey center
  • Rich buttery flavor
  • REAL ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Worth the calories

Coco & Chip achieves these six features through a blend of meticulous science and culinary art. Ingredients are measured to the milligram and mixing is timed to the second. After each batch of dough is mixed, it is immediately wrapped and placed in the refrigerator for three days. This time-consuming three-day resting period allows for two key developments in the dough: moisture content becomes perfectly uniform, and sugars become more concentrated. The dough is then portioned, packaged, and placed in the freezer where it maintains freshness for up to ten months (we guarantee it disappears before then). The result, when baked, is a 100% reproducible product in any kitchen: perfect cookies with rich buttery flavor, crisp edges, soft/chewy centers topped off with a pinch of flakey sea salt. And with our resealable freezer pouch you can bake as many or as few as you want—when you want!

No corners are cut. No expense is spared. Coco & Chip is cookie perfection unlike anything else. Stop drooling and ORDER NOW.